Happens Every Day by Isabel Gillies

Happens Every Day is Gillies' tale of heartbreak as her husband leaves her for another woman. Having given up her acting career & New York lifestyle, Gillies was relegated to the role of wife and mother in small town academia.  Ironically, once she came to enjoy her new life...even going as far as to say "things were perfect", her husband pulled the rug out from under their young family.

Gillies writes with heart wrenching honesty and humility.  For weeks and months she tries to save her marriage and win back her husband who maddeningly denies his feelings for a colleague....although the readers sees what the protagonist cannot.  Gillies is generous in her depiction of her estranged husband who has a history of similar transgressions.  Throughout the novel, Gillies wears her heart on her sleeve, even to the husband who says he no longer loves her and their marriage is over.  Her writing is honest and her story is close at hand to anyone who has been scorned or lost a great love.  Happens Every Day is a common story, yet manages to be inspiring and unforgettable all at the same time.   4 out of 5 stars

  reviewed 09OCT24